The path to effective communications is through excellent creative strategy and measurable objectives.

the rethink DNA: We develop bespoke, data-based communication strategies which form a solid foundation for excellent creative ideas. This enables clear messaging and results-oriented, effective communication for your product and brand.

Intelligent strategy is the root of excellent integrated communication.

Contemporary communication must appeal to and reach diverse stakeholders and markets across digital and offline touchpoints. We have the experience to plan and create successful, scalable communication ecosystems for brands and campaigns with the following expertise.

In a fast-moving hybrid world, digital consulting is essential.

We specialise in advising organisations, businesses and individual thought leaders how to enhance and optimise their strategies and communication activities. We define clear goals and optimise the flow of information ensuring clarity, consistency and effectiveness across various channels. This could be as a one-off workshop, ongoing c-level advisory or a regular one-to-one check-in.

Creative, data-based multi-channel storytelling is essential to reach target audiences.

In a highly competitive market engaging content with substance is the heart of successful digital communications and really takes products, services and brands to the next level. With editorial excellence and lean productions we are a full-service agency from concept through to creation and rollout.

A selection of names we have worked with.

Alexandra Lemonis Vodafone

"Through innovative storytelling techniques and the creation of captivating content formats, rethink elevates our clients' success stories to a whole new level and convincingly engage audiences."

Lars-Eric Schuldt Volkswagen AG

"Making art and culture more accessible via social media channels was our goal. Rethink's ability to achieve such a remarkable reach in this endeavor pleasantly surprised many observers."

David Barrett Vattenfall

"Rethink excels in analyzing complex data, identifying patterns, & developing effective strategies to achieve business goals through collaborative partnerships & open client communication."